Rep and Closer of the Week !

Week ending 04/20 next update April 28th

This weeks winners are achieving their goals in spite of the obstacles. They set goals and apply themselves. They focused on client buying motives.

Top Podium VPG
SLC No Podium $ 2,390 VPG

Top Rep VPG
DEN Donna $ 4,717 VPG

Top Rep Volume
SLC Greg $ 21,967

Beyond Belief Close 100%
DEN Donna & SAC Kyle

Outstanding Closing Over 65%
7 of our Reps Coy,Donna,Garth,Greg,Karla, Kyle & Russ

Top T.O. VPG
SLC Rick $ 5,251 VPG

Top T.O. Closing %
SLC Rick 100%

5 RockStars Exceed $ 2,700 VPG
Coy,Donna,Greg,Johnny & Russ

8 Reps Made It "OVER THE BAR"
$ 2,015

Top Team Last Week
SLC $ 2,099 VPG
($ 2,933 =SAC's Record wk 42)
($ 2,715 =SLC's Record wk 07)
($ 3,116 =DEN's Record wk 44)

Where RU! going to be next week?

The Message from The Gurus

PROSPECT: A Chance . A Possibility. An Expectation to Succeed.

  Your PROSPECT is keyed into your actions as much as your words.They are watching to catch you acting. Find a reason to appreciate the fact that they are sitting there listening to you.
  When you Identify a "problem " that your PROSPECT has and then show them a "solution" they will be MOVED to act. Don’t assume they are MOVING at the same pace you are.

  Explaining a "FEATURE" and then asking your PROSPECT how they would "BENEFIT " MOVES you closer to a sale. Listing FEATURES isn't a bad thing. Motivated buyers often want to hear about that feature. Just make sure you also tell your PROSPECT how it BENEFITS them, "Which means that...." " Which means YOU..."   Make every part of your interaction genuine and worthwhile to your PROSPECT .No one wants to feel as though they are wasting their time.

  The secret to success is to LISTEN and truly GET your PROSPECTS Point of View and then work from there. Identify your PROSPECTS needs and dreams. Put them in the picture emotionally and finacially.

Remember the PROSPECT will buy on emotion and keep their purchase on logic.

  You have the opportunity to help your members spend quality time enjoying the world and each other for the rest of their lives, and By The Way...succeeding for your PROSPECT provides you with what you need and desire in your life! You are in control of the amount of effort you bring to your career which directly correlates to your degree of success .

Previous Guru messages
REMEMBER- What you say is just as important as how you say it. Often just a few well chosen words that are repeated frequently can make anybody you are trying to influence behave as if you gave ‘em some ‘comfort-food’.Excellence on the "path of most resistance "makes you wealthy. Don't settle for "some won't , so what".

Click On these links --> Words that Sell and Setting S.M.A.R.T Goals

Saturday April 19 ,2014 Leaderboard

April 2014 "NET" LeaderBoard is on."Say my name !" (updated frequently)

Net thru April 15,2014
In order to qualify for "SEAT on the BOARD" You must meet within 70% average amount of tours/shots for your grouping in your sales center. Listen up, boost the bonus check. (TR)

  • TOP Podium VPG - SAC Dan $ 2,508
  • TOP Rep VPG - SAC Shelia $ 2,646
  • TOP Rep Closing % - SAC Shelia 71%
  • TOP Rep Avg. Deal Size - SAC Damon $ 6,051
  • TOP T.O. VPG - SAC Dan $ 2,148
  • TOP T.O. Closing % - SLC Bryce 82%
  • TOP T.O. Avg. Deal Size - SLC John $ 4,868
  • SAC Raises March Deal Size $ 559 over March 2013 Very Impressive
  • DEN Raises March VPG $ 566 over March 2013 WOW
  • SLC Cuts March CXL from 15% to 8% over March 2013 Great Job
  • 2014 Results

    2014 YTD beat last years VPG by $ 69
    GTN finished March 2014 with a Net VPG "THE BAR" of $1,756

    District Winners for March 2014
    • (1) SAC - Johnny $2,750 Efficiency
    • (2) SLC - Scott $2,507 Efficiency
    • (3) DEN - Nikki $2,502 Efficiency
    • DEN Holds the company record Week @ $3,093 net VPG
TrackResults team accepts the Best Product Development Award

Thank you all for voting for TrackResults in the Perspective Magazine Awards for GNEX 2014. Thanks to your support, we won the industry "Best Product Development" Award.