Rep and Closer of the Week !

WK Ending 3/22/15 next update March 30th

This weeks winners are achieving their goals in spite of the obstacles. They set goals and apply themselves. They focused on client buying motives.

Top Podium
SLC NO PODIUM $2,484 (Good Job)

Top Rep VPG
SLC Scott $3,729 (Awesome)

Top Rep Volume
SLC Scott $33,560(Nice)

Beyond Belief Close 100%

Outstanding Closing Over 65%
Damon,Kyle & Scott

Top T.O. VPG
SAC Dan $4,045 VPG (Great Job)

Top T.O. Closing %
SAC Dan 100% (only 100 ?)

6 Rock Stars Exceed $ 2,700 VPG
C.J.,Damon,Jeff,Kyle,Mick & Scott

9 Reps Made It "OVER THE BAR"
$ 2,006 (Very Nice)

Top Team Last Week
SLC $ 2,421 VPG
($ 4,091 = SLC's Record wk 20)
($ 3,279 = SAC's Record wk 36)
($ 3,098 = DEN's Record wk 48)

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Message from The Guru



  Your "BLUEPRINT” reflects your belief system, the HABITUAL way you live your life. It is like the architectural BLUEPRINT for a house...that someone else helped design. Whether it’s finances, love, work habits or any other aspect of your life the lessons you were taught and your home environment all contributed to form that BLUEPRINT. These BLUEPRINTS become your reality.

  EVERY BLUEPRINT CAN BE CHANGED. You can work daily to implement small changes to your mind’s framework if the one you have is not producing the results you seek.  
  Start with a strong and organized mindset. If your GOAL is to move from average to outstanding the first step is to understand your current BLUEPRINT and what you can do to change it.

   Though your PROSPECT will judge you with in the first few minutes , it is a GRAVE MISTAKE for you to do the same. Prejudging your Prospect is an example of a bad HABIT steming from your BLUEPRINT.
   Reality is that TALENT only gets you so far. The difference between MASTER and mediocre is the small things that you consistently do well. 

  Continuing to work to change your BLUEPRINT and expand your skill set prepares you to succeed with the tougher prospects. Relying on presenting and closing entirely by rote rather than being prepared to dig in sabatoges your move from average to successful. Excel at all challenges faced.

  Success is all about effort and focus. With confidence and conviction you can speak from your heart and MOVE the PROSPECT where you need them to go. At some point their subconscious mind nudges their conscious mind and tells them you are trustworthy. From that moment the execution of your BLUEPRINT and how amazing you are is entirely up to you.


Previous Guru messages
REMEMBER-the PROSPECT will buy on Emotion and keep their purchase on Logic.Features and Benefits are more important than product minutiae. What you say is just as important as how you say it. Often just a few well chosen words that are repeated frequently can make anybody you are trying to influence behave as if you gave ‘em some ‘comfort-food’.Excellence on the "path of most resistance "makes you wealthy. Don't settle for "some won't , so what".

Click On these links --> Words that Sell and Setting S.M.A.R.T Goals

Leaderboard - February 2015 THE WINNERS ARE

2015 "NET" LeaderBoard is on."Say My Name !" (updated frequently)

Net thru Febrary 28th, 2015. In order to qualify for a "SEAT on the BOARD" you must meet within 70% of the average amount of tours/shots for your grouping in your sales center. Listen up, boost the bonus check. (TR)

  • TOP Podium VPG - SLC Blake $ 2,276
  • TOP Rep VPG - SLC Scott $ 2,699
  • TOP Rep Closing % - SLC Scott & SAC Kyle 53%
  • TOP Rep Avg. Deal Size - SAC C.J. $5,898
  • TOP T.O. VPG - SLC Bryce $ 2,308
  • TOP T.O. Closing % - SLC Bryce 47%
  • TOP T.O. Avg. Deal Size - SAC Dan $ 5,411 (Honorable Mention) Senior Ryan $5,879
  • SAC Raises February 2015 Avg. Deal Size $859 & Lowers CXL by 7% over February 2014
  • SLC Raises February 2015 Avg. Deal Size $532 & Lowers CXL 5% over February 2014
  • DEN Raises February 2015 Avg. Deal Size $67 & Lowers CXL 7% over February 2014
  • GTN Raises February 2015 Avg. Deal Size $533 & Lowers CXL 6% over February 2014

    2014 Results

    2014 4th Quarter Raises Avg. Deal Size $457 & Lowers CXL 2%
    GTN finished January 2015 with a NET VPG "THE BAR" of $1,625

    District Winners for February 2015
    • (1) SLC - Scott $2,699 VPG -- 53% Close -- Avg. Deal Size $5,141
    • (2) SAC - Kyle $2,610 VPG -- 53% Close -- Avg. Deal Size $4,913
    • (3) DEN - Eric $1,920 VPG -- 39% Close -- Avg. Deal Size $4,907
    • SLC Holds the company record Week @ $4,091 NET VPG
TrackResults team accepts the Best Product Development Award

Thank you all for voting for TrackResults in the Perspective Magazine Awards for GNEX 2014. Thanks to your support, we won the industry "Best Product Development" Award.