Rep and Closer of the Week !

WK Ending 2/22/15 next update March 2nd

This weeks winners are achieving their goals in spite of the obstacles. They set goals and apply themselves. They focused on client buying motives.

Top Podium
SLC Blake $2,496

Top Rep VPG
SLC Scott $4,160 (Awesome)

Top Rep Volume
SLC Scott $37,436 (Great)

Beyond Belief Close 100%

Outstanding Closing Over 65%

Top T.O. VPG
SLC John $2,760 VPG (Good Job)

Top T.O. Closing %
SAC Merilee 60% (Great)

5 Rock Stars Exceed $ 2,700 VPG
Eric,Kyle,Russ,Scott & Shelia

7 Reps Made It "OVER THE BAR"
$ 1,856

Top Team Last Week
SLC $ 1,992 VPG
($ 4,091 = SLC's Record wk 20)
($ 3,279 = SAC's Record wk 36)
($ 3,098 = DEN's Record wk 48)

Where RU! going to be next week?

Global Travel Network

The Message from The Owners

There are STILL no shortcuts to anyplace worth going .

  As a company we can agree that no one took any shortcuts to their success this year.Though 2014 was a year that caused us to walk outside of our comfort zone,we are EXTREMELY proud of everyone for their effort.
  As both individuals and as an organization it is our belief that we all strive to better ourselves on many levels,the results of which are evident through 2014.Though we had our challenges we feel that as a team we rose to the occasion and strove for excellence.Results such as ours are achieved with phenomenal discipline on everyones part.

  With our determination to thrive in what many would deem adverse situations we succeeded to hold both our heads and numbers high. Ending 2014 only $2 off 2013's efficiency (which was the best year the company ever had) shows that we when we pull together as a team we excel at all challenges faced.

  The graciousness and organization of our Administrative Team, the persistence of our Marketers, the passion and skill of our Podium Speakers, when combined with the willingness to perfect and master their craft of our Rep's and T.O.'s and the proficient touch of our Sales Managers and P.D.'s continues to evolve each year.

   We are sure you would all agree marketing has begun to show us what we have to look forward to in 2015.We all believe that 2015 will surpass 2014.

  2014 ended with "THE BAR" $1672 eff. We want to acknowledge the individuals that not only rose to meet "THE BAR" but surpassed it.
Seven Rep's CRUSHED "THE BAR" Damon, Greg, Johnny, Mick, Russ, Ryan & Sheila.
Four T.O.'s EXCEEDED "THE BAR" Dan, John, Merilee & Rick

            We would like to congratulate you all on a great year.

  We look forward to seeing all of you in January prepared to bring everything you have to the table to show us how AMAZING 2015 will be for the Global Travel Network Family

   You are in control of the amount of effort you bring to your career which directly correlates to your degree of success .

Previous Guru messages
REMEMBER-the PROSPECT will buy on Emotion and keep their purchase on Logic.Features and Benefits are more important than product minutiae. What you say is just as important as how you say it. Often just a few well chosen words that are repeated frequently can make anybody you are trying to influence behave as if you gave ‘em some ‘comfort-food’.Excellence on the "path of most resistance "makes you wealthy. Don't settle for "some won't , so what".

Click On these links --> Words that Sell and Setting S.M.A.R.T Goals

Leaderboard - THE 2014 WINNERS ARE

2014 "NET" LeaderBoard is on."Say My Name !" (updated frequently)

Net thru December 31 st ,2014. In order to qualify for a "SEAT on the BOARD" you must meet within 70% of the average amount of tours/shots for your grouping in your sales center. Listen up, boost the bonus check. (TR)

  • TOP Podium VPG - SAC Dan $ 1,997
  • TOP Rep VPG - SAC Mick $ 2,087
  • TOP Rep Closing % - SLC Russ 49%
  • TOP Rep Avg. Deal Size - SLC Scott $4,439
  • TOP T.O. VPG - SAC Dan $ 2,347
  • TOP T.O. Closing % - SAC Dan 44%
  • TOP T.O. Avg. Deal Size - SAC Dan $ 4,557
  • SLC Raises December 2014 Avg. Deal Size $480 - Raises Eff. $309 & Lowers CXL by 14% to 5% over December 2013
  • DEN Raises December 2014 Avg. Deal Size $465 & Lowers CXL 14% to 0% over December 2013
  • SAC Raises December 2014 Avg. Deal Size $997 over December 2013
  • GTN Raises December 2014 Avg. Deal Size $602 & Lowers CXL by 7% to 8% over December 2013

    2014 Results

    2014 4th Quarter Raises Avg. Deal Size $457 & Lowers CXL 2%
    GTN finished 2014 with a NET VPG "THE BAR" of $1,670

    District Winners for December 2014
    • (1) SAC - Mick $2,087 VPG -- 47% Close -- Avg. Deal Size $4,432
    • (2) SLC - Russ $2,034 VPG -- 49% Close -- Avg. Deal Size $4,154
    • (3) DEN - Donna $1,564 VPG -- 39% Close -- Avg. Deal Size $4,002
    • SLC Holds the company record Week @ $4,091 NET VPG
TrackResults team accepts the Best Product Development Award

Thank you all for voting for TrackResults in the Perspective Magazine Awards for GNEX 2014. Thanks to your support, we won the industry "Best Product Development" Award.