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Week Ending 01/01/2017
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This weeks winners are achieving their goals.They set goals and apply themselves. They focused on client buying motives.

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Best of Best Close 100%

Outstanding Close +55%

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Rock Stars Exceed $ 2,700 VPG

Additional Reps Made It "OVER THE BAR"

Top Team Last Week

$ 4,442 = SAC Record Wk
$ 4,263 = DEN Record Wk
$ 3,793 = SLC Record Wk

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Message from The Guru

There is an undeniable sense of AUTONOMY, MASTERY and PURPOSE that accompanies a job truly well done. "A.M.P."


 AUTONOMY - the will of one's actions: self-direction, self-reliance, self-sufficiency
 MASTERY - comprehensive knowledge or skill in a subject or accomplishment; proficiency, ability, capability, expertise, cleverness
 PURPOSE - a yearning to do something that serves not only yourself; to do things that matter. resoluteness, a desired result

 AUTONOMY - Generate Referrals - Set up a Home Sit- Create Self Gens. Any of these ideas give you the ability to have more AUTONOMY in your work life and help accelerate your path to success. To help motivate the ones of you who would like to take more control of your destiny we are offering special incentives,ask your P.D.

 MASTERY - On a daily basis we are afforded conditions and situations favorable to attaining our goals, to excel and to achieve MASTERY over what we do.

 PURPOSE - How fortunate we are to sell a product that serves something greater than ourselves. We have the opportunity to offer a membership that significantly changes people's lives for decades and yet also rewards us, filling us with PURPOSE.

  Everyone seems to believe that it is “ hard to teach an old dog new tricks”.

   We hope to inspire everyone this year to motivate both yourselves and your teams to use all the tools and skills we have developed. We are undeniably stronger together than when we stand alone. Teams thrive in an environment that fosters opportunities to enhance everyone’s destinies. GTN believes that with patience, guidance and motivation you will succeed in bringing out the best in yourselves and in each other.

   GTN would like to announce a self-direction, new technique and or new concept contest. Once a quarter we are going to award a $500 prize to an individual or team that presents us with a new technique or concept that the company implements.  

  Though GTN is most assuredly NOT a R.O.W.E (Results ONLY Work Environment) and rewards loyalty as well as success, we ARE going to hold everyone to the high standards we believe you can all achieve.



Previous Guru messages
REMEMBER-the PROSPECT will buy on Emotion and keep their purchase on Logic.Features and Benefits are more important than product minutiae. What you say is just as important as how you say it. Often just a few well chosen words that are repeated frequently can make anybody you are trying to influence behave as if you gave ‘em some ‘comfort-food’.Excellence on the "path of most resistance "makes you wealthy. Don't settle for "some won't , so what".

Click On these links --> Words that Sell and Setting S.M.A.R.T Goals


2017 "NET" LeaderBoard is on."Say My Name !" (updated monthly)

NET thru SEPTEMBER 2017. In order to qualify for a "SEAT on the BOARD" you must be within 70% of the average amount of tours/shots for your grouping in your sales center. Listen up, boost your bonus check. (TR)

  • TOP Podium VPG - SAC Dan $ 3,167
  • TOP Rep. VPG - SAC Kyle $ 3,721
  • TOP Rep. Closing % - SAC Kyle 67%
  • TOP Rep. Avg. Deal Size - SLC Dan $ 6,232
  • TOP Senior - SAC Ryan VPG $ 3,372 Closing 70% Avg. Deal Size $ 4,817
  • TOP T.O. VPG - SLC Shelly $ 3,299
  • TOP T.O. Closing % - SAC Dan 65%
  • TOP T.O. Avg. Deal Size - SLC Jason $ 6,157

  • SLC September 2017 Raises VPG $ 554 & Raises Avg. Deal Size $ 501 over September 2016
  • SAC September 2017 Raises VPG $ 435 & Raises Avg. Deal Size $ 333 over September 2016
  • DEN September 2017 Raises Closing % 4% over September 2016

  • GTN Finished September 2017 with a NET VPG "THE BAR" of $ 2,067
    C.R. September 2017 Raises NET SHOW 18% and LOWERS C.T.'s by 4% over September 2016
    PM1 September 2017 Raises Q Tours by 16 over September 2016

SEPTEMBER 2017 Results

NET SEPTEMBER 2017 GTN Raises NET VPG $ 295 & Raises Avg. Deal Size $ 69 over SEPTEMBER 2016

District Winners SEPTEMBER 2017

    (1) SAC - Kyle - $ 3,721 VPG -- 67% Close -- Avg. Deal Size $ 5,582
  • (2) SLC - Tim - $ 2,791 VPG -- 47% Close -- Avg. Deal Size $ $ 5,800
  • (3) DEN - John- $ 1,755 VPG -- 52% Close -- Avg. Deal Size $ 3,393
  • SAC Holds the company RECORD WEEK @ $ 4,199 NET VPG

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